How To Start A Blog (And Make Money With It)

Here’s Everything That A Total Beginner Needs To Know About Creating A Successful Blog (Along With Complete Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Make Money With It Once You Set It Up Right!)

how-to-start-a-blog-photoIf you want to learn how to start a blog but don’t know where to begin, then this guide is for you. While it might seem like it would be difficult to set up a blog, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually really easy to do. In fact, it’s so easy, I could have you up and running in just a few minutes time if that’s all I wanted to do (which would be a huge disservice to you by the way).

Feel free to use my blog quick start guide if that’s all you want to do. But if you want to set up a great blog, why not read on?

Why You Should Use My Guide To Set Up Your Blog

I could easily just set you up with a blog and send you on your merry way like a lot of people do. However, I’m more concerned that you are set up with a great, well configured blog with a purpose – one that can also potentially attract and create loyal readers and maybe even make you money.

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to write for a blog that never has any visitors – at least not for very long (even though that’s how we all start out and you will more than likely have to do that for a while too).

Plus, if you could set up your blog so that it could also make you money (by following the right plan, *hint* – look to your right), I want you to have that option as well.

I have got to be honest with you, there are LOTS and LOTS  and LOTS of other websites on the internet that can show you JUST how to set up a blog. I’m not the only one helping people set one up. But I can tell you that there very, very few websites out there that will also go into great detail about what to do with visitors once they arrive and explain how you CAN make money with your site AFTER it’s all set up like I will do.

The reason is simple. That’s because there are just not that many sites out there that know what to do with visitors when they arrive nor do many make money. The result is that they don’t have much to share about that.

Learning how to start a blog that can get visitors and can also make you money takes a completely different mindset. Just slapping up a site real quick with no plan behind it is not the kind of mindset you need when starting your blog even if it’s only for fun.

So, if you are interested in not only just making a blog but also making a successful one and in learning how it can make you money. Then, you are in luck, because while I obviously can’t guarantee you will be successful or make money because that would be lying, I can say for certain I will teach you a very detailed strategy on how you can if you put your mind to it and follow the steps I have laid out.

But, it all starts with one thing – that’s a good blog setup.

A good blog setup is beneficial to you whether you want to make money or not. That’s because, your visitors and the search engines that help them find you will like your site better if it is set up correctly.

The thing is that it isn’t any harder to set your blog up correctly so you might as well do it the right way when you set it up. The steps to set it up right are just as easy as the steps to not set it up right. The key is just knowing what to do .

Now, if it somehow turns out that you don’t want to make money with your site with the information that I provide, that’s OK too. You can still have a great, professional looking blog either way.

OK. If you are ready to get started and know you not only want to set up a blog but also want to set it up right as one that can get visitors and that can potentially make you money, then go ahead and put your email address in the box over to the upper right, click the button and I’ll get you started.

More Information: How To Start Your Blog The Right Way Today

I’ve created an extensive course on how start your blog and get it set up right. On the right side of the blog, you’ll see the sections I’ve created and I’ve also listed those below.

Here’s a breakdown of each section and what you’ll learn. The first FIVE steps will get you set up. The remaining steps are what to do once your blog is up and running. Those are optional.

1. Have a purpose for your blog - Before you set up a blog, you need to think about what you want it to do. Is it just for fun? Are you looking to become famous? Write your manifesto? Create a business? Know what you want out of your blog and it will help you decide how to set it up.

2. Know who your reader will be - After you have defined your purpose, you need to hone in on who you want to talk to. What is the message you want to deliver to them. Having a clear mental picture of who that reader is will help you connect with your readers better in the long run and make it easier to help them.

3. How to name your blog - With a specific purpose in mind, and a clear image of your reader, it’s going to be easier to create a name for it. You want a name that says what it is if at all possible so that your readers are not confused on what your site is all about. Then you’ll need to buy a domain name, or website address, that people can use to find your blog on the internet. Often, mistakes are made in buying the right domain name. Don’t let that be you.

4. The best place for you to blog - There are basically two kinds of places for you to blog. The first place is using a service like that’s free. The second place is a place that you own. You want to own your blog. In order to blog on your own space, you have to purchase what’s called hosting. Hosting is a fancy way to say a computer that has your files that’s always connected to the internet. I tell you where to get the best hosting. The good news is that hosting is pretty cheap and well worth the price.

5. How to set up your blog (right) – With hosting in place, you’ll need an easy way to put what you write on there. You don’t want to be mired in web design. You want to focus on the task at hand which is to talk to your readers. I tell you the best way to set up your site, pages to set up and what modifications you’ll need to make to do exactly that.

6. Create a free “how-to” course  – When people visit your site, you are going to offer them a free bonus in exchange for their personal information (their email address). This bonus product that you will create is what’s called a lead magnet. This give away is the heart of the whole process.

7. Create an advanced resource - Your readers will have problems that require more assistance than your free how-to course can cover. These problems are what you create your products around to offer from to the readers of your blog.

8. How to get visitors to your blog - After you’ve got the ground work done with a correctly set up blog, a good free “how-to” course to give away and at least one advanced course to sell, it’s time to start getting visitors to your site. Only then will you know what you have. I help you get the ball rolling.

9. How to get loyal blog readers – The most common thing people do when the visit a site is leave it immediately. Your goal when you get them there is find a way to bring them back. You do that by building an email list of prospects to communicate with and entice back to your site by sending them worthwhile emails.

10. Offer your readers your advanced resource - If you have done your job right, readers will have tons more questions trying to solver their problems. This is where your advanced course comes in.

11. Ask your readers to commit - After you offer your product, you’ve got to ask them to buy it. If you have done everything else right, you’ll have some takers. Buying from you is not the only commitment you want to ask for but it’s one of the best commitments you can get.

12. Make money by exceeding expectations - When someone gives you money for a product you created, and they liked it, you are officially in business. Provide them an experience worth the money and you’ll make even more.

13. Get feedback from your blog readers – Interact with your readers and become friends with them. Then, get feedback from them. Find out what questions they have going through the process and answer those questions.

14. Improve your blog – I can tell you from experience, your blog is never done. There’s always room for improvement both in the content on your blog and that in your courses. You want to take the feedback you get from your visitors both verbally and in their usage of your site (along with your own instincts) and make what you are delivering better. Always think constant improvement.

15. Advertise your blog – If you have a product that sells to the visitors you get to come to your site from traffic you don’t pay for, the next step is to get the word out by buying ads on Google Adwords to send more traffic to your site so you can make even more money.

16. Make more products and make more blogs - Once you found success with this model, it’s time to repeat the process, either by adding more value to your existing products, expanding your product offerings or getting into new areas with a completely different readership.

What To Do Next

The best course of action that you can take now is to put your email address in the upper right hand corner and click help me set up my blog. When you do that, I’ll send you each and every lesson by email. I’ll also provide you with updates on my projects if you do that too.

Or if you prefer, you can go to the first lesson by clicking here.

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